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School Uniform

General Information

All pupils of this college will wear school uniform on all prescribed school days. Below is a list of requirements regarding school uniform for summer, winter and for Physical Training.

Summer Uniform:
Shirt: White with school badge attached to breast pocket.
Tie: Optional with short- sleeve shirt & compulsory with long-sleeve shirt.
Trousers: Grey Trousers.
Excessive tight-fitting and bell-bottom are not allowed.
Shoes: Black
Rubber / canvas sports shoes are not be worn.
Socks: Black, White, Brown, Grey.
Brightly coloured socks are not to be worn.
Winter Uniform:
Shirt: Same as for summer.
Tie: Must be worn.
Trousers: Same as for summer.
Pullover / Cardigan: Grey or Navy Blue. (V-necks only)
Anoraks, Turtle-necks are not be worn.
Coat: Navy blue, Blaser material, winter school badge attached.
Shoes: Same as for summer.
Socks: Same as for summer.
Winter school uniform
Physical Training:
Vest: White, T-shirt, badge imprinted.
Shorts: White with black stripes on sides.
Socks: White
Shoes: Any sports or rubber-soled gym shoes.


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