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Annual School Profile 2001-2002

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Mission Statement

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Sponsoring Body

The Brothers of the Christian School (De La Salle Brothers).


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Student Population

The school enrollment is about 1300. The students of St. Joseph's College are mainly Chinese and the age range of the students is between 12 and 19 years old. The average class size for F.1-F.5 and F.6-F.7 are 40 and 30 respectively.

Qualifications of Principal and Teachers

85% of them possess a bachelor's degree
93% of them were formally trained in teaching
17% of them have higher degrees
93% of the lessons were taught by subject-trained teachers

Teaching Experience of teaching staff

1-2 years: 7%
3-5 years: 9%
6-10 years: 21%
11-15 years: 15%
Over 15 years: 48%

School Examinations & Assessment Tests

A. Major Examinations

All students have to sit for two examinations, the Half-yearly Examination in December (first term) and the Final Examination in June (second term). For Form 7 and Form 5 students, their Final Examinations are replaced by Mock Examinations to be held in February and March respectively.
For Form 6 students, they have to sit for 2 Quarterly Examinations in October and April.

Distribution of Marks For Form 6 Examinations

Examinations First Quarterly Half-Yearly Third Quarterly Final Overall Result in the Report Card
Percentage 10% 30% 20% 40% 100%

B. Assessment Tests

These are interim and uniform tests for students of Forms 1, 2 & 3 in the major subjects of English, Chinese/French and Mathematics to be held twice a year in October and March. The duration of these tests will usually last not more then 2 lessons and the purpose is to inform the parents of their children's progress and to do something about the subject(s) which is(are) unsatisfactory. The tests serve as a kind of academic barometer before the 2 major examinations.

C. Junior Secondary Education Assessment (J.S.E.A.)

Marks of the 2 major examinations of Form 3 students are to be submitted to the Education Department. Nearly all Form 3 students will be promoted to Form 4 based on the JSEA Central Allocation.

D. Other Means of Assessment

There are other tests and assessments like dictations, group projects, experiences form time to time based on the teaching program of a particular subject. These will be mentioned in the Policy on Homework and Tests.

Policy on Homework and Tests

For F.1 - F.3: The form teacher of each class should assign one pupil to be responsible for putting down all homework assigned each day and dates for assessments and tests on the blackboard.
The assigned homework each day and dates for assessments and tests should also be recorded in a special Assignment Book kept by a specially assigned pupil for record purpose and future reference.
Each student in F.1-F.3 must record all homework given and dates of assessments and tests in their own Student Handbook.
For F.4 - F.5: Like F.1 - F.3, the assigned homework each day and dates for assessments and tests should be recorded in a special Assignment Book kept by a specially assigned pupil. There is no need to copy all details on the black board.
The special Assignment Book for each class will be collected at the end of each term for inspection.
For F.6 & 7: The assignment for students in the form of homework, tests and projects will be assessed and they will constitute different percentages of the total marks for different subjects.

School Discipline

Please refer to the Discipline and Counselling page.



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