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An Illustrated History of St. Joseph's College

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This informal history attempts to chronicle the institutional life of one of Hong Kong's oldest secondary schools in a period of turbulent change. The narrative begins in 1875. Very humble were the beginnings; less than a hundred pupils attended their classes. But soon the grain of a mustard seed grew into a large tree in whose shadow multitudes found shelter.

At a glance

St. Joseph's College has a history of 127 years. The college was formerly known as St. Saviour's College, founded in 1860 In 1875, six La Salle Brothers took over the school and renamed it as St. Joseph's College, and is the first Catholic Boys' school in Hong Kong.

The College was originally located in Pottinger Street. Due to expansion, the College was moved from its former premises to 9 Caine Road, known as Buxley Lodge, in 1876 and then to Robinson Road five years later. However, a fifty-second earthquake in 1918 damaged the building and as a result the College was moved to its present prestigious site - 7 Kennedy Road, formerly known as Club Germania (The German Club).

The Old Building, where forms one to four classes are now situated was erected in 1920. Five years later, in 1925, the Chapel Block was established. Then, in 1963, after the demolition of the Club Germania, a modern eight-storey building was erected. The College's architecture is therefore a combination of traditional European style and modern technology.

In 1968, the Primary section, which had been a part of the College campus, was transferred to an independent establishment at Morrison Hill. A kindergarten was later set up in 1974.

St. Joseph's College grew from an institution consisting of 75 students at the beginning to the institution today, providing education to over 4,200 kindergarten, primary and secondary students.



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