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St. Joseph's College Annual Report 2001-2002

The booklet which has made a comprehensive and descriptive conclusion to our school in the last sholastic year 2001-2002, is now digitized and made available to Internet surfers. What are you waiting for?

Table of Contents

I. School Description
II. Student Achievements
III. Evaluation / Year End Summary
IV. Plan for the year 2002-2003
V. Long term planning
VI. Capacity Enhancement Grant
VII. Air-conditioning for New Hall & Old Hall
VIII. Operating Expenses Block Grant for 2001-2002


Analysis of Form 5 Graduates
Analysis of Form 7 Graduates
Analysis of Courses taken by Form 7 Graduates
Analysis of Senior Students Studying Abroad
2002 Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination
2002 Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination

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