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Announcement for School Resumption

Updated on: 01.09.2003

Announcements for All Students, Parents and Teachers

Highlights from the SARS Student handbook:

The SARS Student Handbook includes the following:

  1. Some key reminders for parents and students
  2. Health Advice and guidelines about personal and environmental hygiene
  3. You may download the SARS Student handbook in the Attachments Section.

    Daily Arrangement for Students with effect from 28 April 2003

    Arrangements of Entrances of the School Campus

    Students please use the following entrances during the following period:
    1. 7:00 a.m. to 7:30 a.m : Main entrance near school car park
    2. 7:30 a.m. to 8:05 a.m : Main entrance near the school car park or Side entrance near the Basketball Court (Under New Hall)

      Entrance near F.1E will be closed.

    Procedures entering the School Campus:

    Students must obey the following procedures when entering the School Campus:
    1. Step on a specially-made carpet for sterilizing
    2. Queue up for spraying their hands with alcoholic spray
    3. Show the Temperature Record Sheet (Proforma A) to the staff on duty. If the Temperature Record Sheet is not available or the students' parents have not yet checked the students' body temperature, the students are to queue up for checking body temperature.
    4. Students with body temperature exceeding 37.2 C (i.e. 37.3 C or more) will be required to stay at home. Their parents will be contacted for follow-up action.

    Special Arrangements for All Students:

    1. All students are to wear facemasks in school except when eating or drinking. Free facemasks will still be available until 7 May (Wed.). Face masks given to students and teachers after 7 May will be charged. Details about the charges will be announced later.
    2. All Students are recommended to have their body temperature checked and the record sheet (Proforma A) signed by parents and to come back to school as early as possible.
    3. No ball games are allowed before school, during recess and after school until further notice.
    4. Students are strongly recommended to go back home after school.

    Special precautionary measures related to certain subjects, extra lessons and ECA:

    1. Physical Education: Students are not required to bring P.E. uniform until 9th May (or until further notice). The changes in the format of the P.E. examination will be informed during P.E. lessons.
    2. Music: No singing activity will be arranged. All students will be asked to use disinfectant-tissues to clean their own areas (seats).
    3. Computer Studies / Computer Applications / Computer Literacy : All students will be asked to use disinfectant-tissues to clean their own areas (including their computers and seats). Teachers will try to minimize the use of computer rooms / MMLC in order to prevent students of different classes using the same facilities before the daily cleaning by janitors.
    4. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Integrated Science : Teachers will try to minimize the use of laboratories in order to prevent students of different classes using the same facilities before the daily cleaning of janitors. All students will be asked to use disinfectant-tissues to clean their own areas (including their seats).
    5. Remedial Classes / Other Split Classes: All students will be asked to use disinfectant-tissues to clean their own areas (including their seats).
    6. ECA and Extra Lessons: There will be no extra lessons and ECA up to May 11 (Sun). The school will inform all the staff and students whether this arrangement will continue until the end of June on 7 May (Wed).

    Miscellaneous Announcements:

    1. St. La Salle Feast Day (29 April): The mass concerned will be postponed to 13th May (Tue). It will be held at school chapel at 1:45 p.m.
    2. The Day after St. La Salle Feast Day (30 April): The holiday will be cancelled.
    3. 2 May (Friday): There will be no classes for all students.

    Special Reminders for students:

    1. Students who have not yet handed in Proforma B (Declaration) MUST hand in to your Form-Teacher on 29 April.
    2. Please prepare the following: (i) 2-3 facemasks per day (ii) Plastic /Paper bags for disposing face masks, etc. (iii) Disinfectant-tissue (OR alcohol spray and tissue paper)

    For detailed information, please refer to the attachments for Students, Parents and Teachers.

    A copy of the Atypical Pneumonia (SARS) Students Handbook attached with a temperature record sheet for 29 April 2003 till 5 Sept 2003 (Proforma A) has distributed on 28 April 2003 by the Form Teacher.


    (26 Apr 21:00) Minor updates made on Proforma A.

    (27 Apr 19:45) Spelling mistake corrected on Proforma A.

    (28 Apr 16:10) Proforma A (Body Temperature Record for 28 April) download service suspended.

    (28 Apr 21:45) New Announcement made.


    Announcement for All Students, Parents and Teachers:

    1. Atypical Pneumonia (SARS) Student Handbook (Updated) [DOC Version]
    2. Proforma B (Declaration) (Updated) [DOC Version]
    3. All School Measures for Prevention of the Spread of Atypical Pneumonia

    Announcements for Form-teachers / Assistant Form-teachers:

    1. Atypical Pneumonia Circular for Form-Teachers / Assistant Form-Teachers

    We will work together and try our best to fight against the SARS. The abovementioned arrangements may take time and your co-operation is highly appreciated.

    Should any needs arise (e.g. enquiries, suggestions from parents and students), please contact the school administration (Vice-Principal or Principal) by phone 25221204 or e-mail : peterip@sjc.edu.hk or info@sjc.edu.hk

    For any technical issues on this page, please send an e-mail to webmaster@sjc.edu.hk

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