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About Green and White Online


Green & White Online was originally an alumni contact list for the old boys of St. Joseph's College, set up by a group voluntary IT frontiers. After years of improvement and development, it now provides information about the school and interactive internet services to Josephians. Green and White Online is non-profit-making and non-commercial, is maintained by the Web Publishing Board and has been supported by volunteers especially students and teachers, including the Computer Department of St. Joseph's College.


  • To promote St. Joseph's College in the whole world.
  • To educate students the proper culture of using Internet.
  • To facilitate the development of educational content on Internet.

Benefits to Josephians

  • Josephians can experience the Josephian school life through Internet, in no time.
  • Josephians can share knowledge, experience and feelings through Internet.

Notes to publishers:

We enjoy having our website mentioned in print, however we would like to request you telling us that this site has been published. If possible, we would like a copy of the publication so we can add it to our portfolio.

Special Thanks

Brother Thomas for granting us a chance to maintain this website; Mr. C. K. Tse and Mr. Szeto for their precious comments and guidance, as well as giving us their unfailing support since the establishment of the homepage; and YOU for visiting our site and giving us priceless suggestions!



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